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Water Rates and Fees 2017

Approved at the December 8, 2016 JBWD MONTHLY MEETING

JBWD Water rates have remained the same for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The minimum billed will be the BASIC SERVICE FEE plus the Tier One level of the WATER RATE FEES.

FOR  EXAMPLE: A Juniper Beach Area customer will be billed at the minimum cost of $135 ($90 Service Fee and $45 Water Rate Fee) 

JBWD bills customers every other month (bi-monthly).  Meters will be read the last week of  February , April,  June,  August,  October,  and December and billed following that reading.

BASIC SERVICE FEE  (for Loan Repayments, Reserve Funds and Capital Improvements)
Customers                  /  Per Year  /  Per Month /   Per Bi-Monthly
Juniper Beach Area      $540.00          $45.00          $90.00 
Hill Area                      $360.00          $30.00          $60.00  
Lands Hill                    $120.00           $10.00          $ 20.00 

WATER RATE FEES  (for Operational Cost of Producing Water)  

All JBWD Customers are charged a Basic Service Fee and Water Rate Fee.

Where applicable, customers may be charged a Basic Fixed Charge for Meters over 3/4" and/or a Basic Charge for Private Fire Systems

All billings for the water rate fees are charged per cubic foot.  References to gallons are for reference only.

  Cubic Feet Allocated
(for ONE month)
$ per Cu. Ft. Cu. Ft. Allocated  Bi-Monthly (two months usage) Gallons per billing period (two month) Usage
Tier One  Up to 500   $0.045 1000 up to 3740 
Tier Two 501 to 750$0.055 1001 to 1500 3741 to 5610 
 Tier Three751+ $0.070 1501+ 5611+ 

 Tier One:  Each customer (service connection) is billed at the minimum level of Tier One Water Rate Fee of $45 every two months ($22.50 per month).  This covers an allocation of water (1000 cu.ft for two months which is billed at 4.5 cents per cubic foot).  Each customers is also billed a Base Service Fee of $90.00 every two months ($45 per month). This covers loan repayments, reserve funds, capital improvements and basic overhead costs (insurance, etc.).

Tier Two: If a customer uses over 1000 cubic feet within the two months, then they will be charged accordingly in Tier Two for those cubic feet over 1000 according to the rate of 5.5 cents per cubic foot.

Tier Three: If a customer uses over 1500 cubic feet within the two month period, then they will be charged fee of 7 cents per cubic feet for those cubic feet over the Tier Two allocation.   

2017 Water Service Connection Fee =  $12,000  (Depending on the property location, a Latecomer Fee may be assessed if the property lies within a ULID or Developer Extension Agreement area.)