Maintaining quality water in necessary quantities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is JBWD doing to protect its customers and insure a quality water supply during this COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Our water management company, King Water Co., has assured us that they operating under normal conditions conducting water quality tests and taking usage readings and other routine maintenance as they normally do. As well, they continue to rotate employees week by week with on-call duties with at least one employee as the back up.

  • JBWD is a member of WAWARN. WAWARN (Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network) is a network that allows water and wastewater systems to receive rapid mutual aid and assistance from other systems in an emergency. WAWARN is designed to provide a utility-to-utility response during an emergency. WAWARN provides its members with emergency planning, response, and recovery information before, during, and after an emergency.