Land's Hill Latecomer's Fees and Connection Charges

Explanation of JBWD ULID #1 in regards to Latecomer’s Fees and Connection Charges

  • The Juniper Beach Water District ULID #1 for the Land’s Hill project had an original assessment of $9,859.75.

  • There are 29 properties within the JBWD ULID District #1.

  • There are 10 lots within the Lands Hill Plat that were considered “Association Connected Lots”. The JBWD Connection Fee for the “Association Connected Lots” was paid through the Transfer and Connection Charges provision in the Agreement for Transfer of Water System dated 02/02/2011.

The ten (10) "Association Connected Lots" are listed by their Geo Parcel Number:

    • Lot 5-6; S7340-00-00006-0

    • Lot 10; S7340-00-00010-0

    • Lot 13; S7340-00-00013-0

    • Lot 14; S7340-00-00014-0

    • Lot 20; S7340-00-00020-0

    • Lot 23; S7340-00-00023-0

    • Lot 25; S7340-00-00025-0

    • Lot 27;S7340-00-00027-0

    • Lot 28; S7340-00-00028-0

    • Parcel R3322-046-3210

    • The lots in the Plat, which are part of the ULID that were not connected to the Association’s water system on February 1, 2011, must pay upon connection to the District’s water system, the Connection Charges in effect at the time of connection.

    • Lots outside of the ULID must pay a “Latecomer’s” charge and the Connection Charge.

    • If within fifteen years, if water service is provided to any of the property divisions or subdivisions of R33222-057-2870, there is no System Development Fee OR Actual Connection Fee for 5 water service connections.

Details of the ULID are as follows:

  • JBWD Resolution No. 07-01-12/3 approved the final assessment roll for ULID No. 1, and such assessment roll was sent to Island County for collection.

  • At that time, all or any portion of an assessment could be paid within 30 days from July 24, 2012 without penalty, interest or costs.

  • Thereafter, the assessment remaining unpaid would then be paid in 42 equal semi-annual installments plus interest on the unpaid amount at a rate of 1.5% per annum.

  • The semi-annual payment is calculated at $234.76 plus interest (as noted above).

  • Installments were payable on September 30, 2012 and on each March 31 and September 30 thereafter. If a property owner chose the 42 equal semi-annual installments, then the final payment would be in March of 2033.

  • After August 23, 2012, any owner has the opportunity to pay the entire assessment remaining unpaid with interest to the date of the installment next falling due.

  • Installments not paid when due shall be assessed a penalty of 10%.

April 27, 2014