Lands Hill Water Acquisition Project

Project completed March 2014

The project consisted of:

1) Transfer exempt well limit of 5,000 gallons per day to JBWD,

2) Transfer ownership of LHWA well to JBWD,

3) Transfer/include LHWA well into JBWD well field,

4) Install approx. 4500 linear feet of new 8" and 4" water mains,

5) Install new water meters and pressure reducing valves

6) Install five fire hydrants,

7) Demolish existing LH water reservoir.

These changes updated the current Lands Hill water system and consolidated ownership and maintenance responsibilities to JBWD from the Lands Hill Water Association. This acquisition eliminated a small water system and improved the overall oversight of the sole source aquifer. The result is the better management of the aquifer and the improvement of overall water quality.