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a Group A Water System - Pubilc Water System I.D # 372503

About JBWD

Juniper Beach Water District (JBWD) is an approved water district within the State of Washington with its service area boundaries approved by the legislative authority of Island County and the State of Washington. The authority of the District to adopt rules, regulations and policies is expressly conferred by Statute (Title 57 RCW). The Board of Commissioners of the District expressly finds, determines and approves the adoption of policies, rules and regulations necessary for the health, welfare, security and public safety of the inhabitants of the District.

JBWD Projects

The purpose of the District is to provide for the development and conservation of water for the greatest beneficial use of water within its boundaries. In the conduct of its mission, the District and its Board shall in all of their activities consider and promote any and all feasible means for the conservation and protection of water resources. Our mission within JBWD is to provide an adequate supply of safe public water by comprehensively managing water resources in a practical, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive manner.

JBWD is or has been involved in several projects that assist us in providing quality water to its customers.

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Several water leaks can be attributed to residences not being winterized adequately.

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