Policy No. GP-8 Title: Board Governance Policies Category: Duties of Di


8.1 The board of directors, subject to restrictions of law and these policies, shall exercise all of the powers of the district, and, without prejudice to or limitation upon their general powers, it is hereby expressly provided that the board of directors shall have, and are hereby given full power and authority in respect to the matters as hereinafter set forth to be exercised by resolution duly adopted by the board:

8.1.1 To approve and permit the connection of properties to the system.

8.1.2 To select and appoint all agents or employees of the district, remove such agents or employees of the district, prescribe such duties and designate such powers as may not be inconsistent with these policies, fix their compensation and arrange for payment for faithful services.

8.1.3 To borrow from any source, money, goods or services and to make and issue notes and other negotiable or nonnegotiable instruments evidencing indebtedness of the district; to make and issue mortgages, deeds of trust, pledges of revenue, trust agreements, security agreements and financing statements and other instruments evidencing a security interest in the assets of the district; and, to do every act and thing necessary to effectuate the same.

8.1.4 To prescribe, adopt and amend, from time to time such equitable uniform rules, regulations and policies as, in its discretion, may be deemed essential or convenient for the conduct of the business and affairs of the district and the guidance and control of its officers and employees, and to prescribe adequate penalties for the breach thereof.

8.1.5 To comply with state and county auditors, yearly or at their request, an audit of the books and accounts of the district. The report prepared by such an auditor or accountant shall be reviewed at a regularly scheduled of the district, together with any proposals that may be required to comply with findings. Copies of such audits shall be submitted as may be required by other agreements.

8.1.6 To fix and alter the charges to be paid by each consumer for services rendered by the district to the consumer, including connection or reconnection fees where such are deemed to be necessary by the directors, and to fix and alter the method of billing, time of payment, manner of connection, and penalties for late or nonpayment of the same. The board may establish one or more classes of users. All charges shall be uniform and non-discriminating within each class of users.

8.1.7 To require all officers, agents, and employees charged with responsibility for the custody of any funds of the district to give adequate bonds.

8.1.8 To set rates and collect revenues for services delivered to the customers of Juniper Beach Water District. These rates and revenues for services shall be developed and administered in such manner that is of a proportionate basis, as the directors deem equitable, and to enforce collection of such charges by the suspension of water service or other legal methods.

This policy has been adopted by the Juniper Beach Water District. This policy is official and in effect, as written, unless repealed or amended at a regularly scheduled or specially called meeting of the Board.

Adoption Date: November 12, 2009

Amended: June 20, 2019