Policy No. GP-3 Title: Board Governance Policies Category: Definitions


3.1 Persons and Agencies.

3.1.1 Board. The elected Board of Commissioners of the Juniper Beach Water District.

3.1.2 Operator. The appointed individual or firm, duly licensed by the State of Washington Department of Health, under contract with the District to operate and maintain the District's public water system.

3.1.3 Engineer. The appointed individual or firm, duly licensed as a professional engineer, under contract with the District to design, specify and oversee construction of District facilities. The Board shall rely on the Engineer to determine what standards and specifications are necessary and appropriate for any modification of the Public Water System.

3.1.4 Counsel. The appointed individual lawyer or law firm, under contract with the District to advise and assist the Board in its legal affairs.

3.1.5 Tap Owner. A person designated as owning a tap.

3.1.6 Customer. The person or persons owning the property which is served by an active District tap.

3.1.7 The District. The Juniper Beach Water District (JBWD).

3.2 Agreements and Documents.

3.2.1 Water System Plan. The Water System Plan for Juniper Beach Water District, prepared and filed by the JBWD with Washington State Department of Health

3.2.2 Tap Agreement. By virtue of being a consumer of water from the Juniper Beach Water District, the tap owner affirms agreement to comply with the District's Rules and Regulations. The tap owner agrees that prescribed inspections have been made and fees paid, thereby granting permission for the tap owner to connect to the JBWD public water system.

3.3 System Components.

3.3.1 Main. The transmission line, which extends from the District's treatment plant and reservoirs to its customers.

3.3.2 Lateral. A distribution pipe connected to the Main to which two or more service lines are connected. Unless formally conveyed to and accepted by the District from its owners, laterals are jointly owned private property governed by but not the financial responsibility of the District.

3.3.3 Service Line. A privately-owned water line connecting the Main or a lateral to a service location.

3.3.4 Corporation Stop. A connection and valve located at the junction of a service line with a lateral or the main, or at the junction of a lateral and the main.

3.3.5 Tap. The right to obtain water from the District's main. Taps are connected physically or irrevocably assigned for use on a designated parcel of land, after which they shall be appurtenant to the land.

3.3.6 Meter. A flow measuring device located in a service line at or near the premises served.

3.3.7 Public Water System. As used herein the term public water system shall be liberally construed to include all components of the mechanical systems administered or co-administered by the District to capture, store, treat and deliver water to premises served. In addition to facilities owned by the District, i.e., its reservoirs, fire hydrants, treatment plant, its treated water storage reservoir and pump stations and all metering equipment throughout the system, the following components which are not owned by the District are also included in the term public water system: lateral lines and appurtenant regulating equipment found on customer’s property service lines, and domestic, fire suppression and irrigation plumbing.

This policy has been adopted by the Juniper Beach Water District. This policy is official and in effect, as written, unless repealed or amended at a regularly scheduled or specially called meeting of the Board.

Adoption Date: September 10, 2009

Amended: June 20, 2019