Policy No. GP-2 Title: Board Governance Policies Category: Purpose, M


2.1 Purpose of the Water System.

2.1.1 The purpose of the District is to provide for the development and conservation of water for the greatest beneficial use of water within its boundaries. In the conduct of its mission, the District and its Board shall in all of their activities consider and promote any and all feasible means for the conservation and protection of water resources.

2.2 Mission Statement of the Juniper Beach Water District

2.2.1 To provide an adequate supply of safe public water by comprehensively managing water resources in a practical, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive manner.

2.3 Goals for the Juniper Beach Water District

2.3.1 Assure that water produced is of high quality from source to the customer's tap.

2.3.2 Provide a reliable water supply and operate facilities in a manner that assures reliability throughout the service area.

2.3.3 Provide a water rate structure which is fair and reasonable, and which allows for proper maintenance of District supply and delivery systems.

2.3.4 Promote programs and practices that encourage the conservation of water.

2.3.5 Maintain a healthy working environment, which recruits quality employees and provides fair, safe, and harmonious work conditions.

2.3.6 Maintain good communications with customers and assure responsive customer service.

2.3.7 Work cooperatively with other public agencies and groups.

2.3.8 Ensure ethical behavior in the conduct of District business and fair and open process involving the public.

This policy has been adopted by the Juniper Beach Water District. This policy is official and in effect, as written, unless repealed or amended at a regularly scheduled or specially called meeting of the Board.

Adoption Date: November 4, 2004

Amended: September 10, 2009

Amended: June 20, 2019