Policy No. GP-1 Title: Board Governance Policies Category: Authority


1.1 The Juniper Beach Water District, (the "District"), is an approved water district within the State of Washington with its service area boundaries approved by the legislative authority of Island County and the State of Washington. The authority of the District to adopt rules, regulations and policies is expressly conferred by Statute (TITLE 57 RCW).

1.2 The Board of Commissioners of the District expressly finds and determines that the adoption of the policies, rules and regulations is necessary for the health, welfare, security and public safety of the inhabitants of the District. It is intended that these rules, regulations and policies shall be liberally construed to affect the general purposes set forth herein and that each and every part thereof is separate, distinct and severable from all other parts.

1.3 No omission nor additional material set forth in these rules, regulations and policies shall be construed as an alteration, waiver or deviation from any grant of power, duty or responsibility, or limitation or restriction imposed or conferred upon the Board of Commissioners by virtue of the Statutes as existing or as may hereafter be amended.

1.4 Nothing contained herein shall be so construed as to prejudice, limit or affect the right of this District to secure the full benefit and protection of any laws which are now or hereafter may be enacted by the Washington State Legislature or Island County pertaining to water and sewer districts.

This policy has been adopted by the Juniper Beach Water District. This policy is official and in effect, as written, unless repealed or amended at a regularly scheduled or specially called meeting of the Board.

Adoption Date: November 4, 2004

Amended: September 10, 2009

Amended: June 20, 2019