Water Rates and Fees 2024

Approved at the December 14, 2023 JBWD Monthly Meeting

The Board of Commissioners believe that it is fiscally responsible that a water service rate and fee schedule be established to cover the expenses of producing quality drinking water and to build a reserve account.  JBWD Water rates are based on the amount of water consumed in inclining block rates which promote the conservation of water.  In other words, the more water that is consumed, the rate for that consumption is higher.

The Board determined that a rate decrease was in order for the Basic Service Fee.  Since the DWRSF Loan (for pipe replacements, reservoirs and water treatment facilities) was now paid off as of October 2023, the District can direct the basic service fee funds to reserve funds, capital improvements and maintenance.  As well, the Board determined that all water customers (with the exception of Lands Hill) should equally be paying for basic service fees.  Previously, Beach customers were paying a larger amount for basic service fees since those customers had new water mains installed in their area.  It was also decided to raise the basic service fees for Lands Hill customers.  The basic service fees have remained the same for Lands Hill connections since they became a part of the water district in 2014.  The basic service fees for Lands Hill is 50% or that for the other JBWD customers.  The ULID fees collected from Lands Hill customers accounts for the other 50%.   

The minimum billed will be the BASIC SERVICE FEE plus the Tier One level of the WATER RATE FEES.  For example: A Juniper Beach Area customer using 100 or less gallons of water will be billed at the minimum cost of $90 ($70 Service Fee and $20 Water Rate Fee) for that two month billing period.

JBWD bills customers every other month (bi-monthly).  Meters will be read the last week of  February , April,  June,  August,  October,  and December and billed following that reading.


(for Loan Repayments, Reserve Funds and Capital Improvements and Maintenance)


(for Operational Cost of Producing Water)

Tier One: For service connections using zero to 100 gallons of water over a billing period of two months.  Minimum of $20 water usage rate fee will be charged.

Tier Two: Each service connection using 101 gallons and up to 7500 gallons every two months (3750 gallons per month) will be charged the minimum base rate of  Tier One plus $0.006 (six tenths of one cent) per gallon for water usage.

Tier Three: If a customer uses 7,501 gallons and up to 15,000 gallons of water within the two months, then they will be charged accordingly for those gallons over 7500 gallons  at the rate of $0.007 (seven tenths of one cent) per gallon.

Tier Four:  If a customer uses over 15,000 gallons within the two month period, then they will be charged a fee of $0.008 (eight tenths of one cent) per gallon for those gallons over the Tier Three allocation. 

Additional Accounting or Service Fees



King Water Company

PO Box 915

Coupeville  WA  98239


Make your check payable to Juniper Beach Water District.


For billing questions and inquiries please first contact King Water 

360-678-5336  or  toll free 888-241-2503





2024 Water Service Connection Fee =  $16,000  

Depending on the property location, a Latecomer Fee may be assessed if the property lies within a ULID or Developer Extension Agreement area.  See further explanations of the Service Connection Fee below as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

Any development – whether new construction, existing structure, or remodel that requires potable water will have to pay a connection fee in order to connect to the Juniper Beach Water District water system. The intent of this document is to provide an informative summary of how these fees are assessed.

“System Development charges” are commonly associated with and assessed by water utilities for the purpose of developing the capacity of the system to accommodate the extra demand placed on this system by new customers.

This document is intended to aid in understanding the JBWD System Development Fees, and is not intended to replace or supersede any portion of the water rate fee schedule or the JBWD Board Policies. For additional assistance with calculation of connection fees, please call JBWD at 360-474-7171.

Frequently asked questions:

Why do I have to pay water connection Fees?

JBWD, along with its customers, invested a lot of capital money to develop the existing potable water system. These utilities include: water treatment plant, four wells, two reservoirs totaling 238,000 gallons of capacity, fire hydrants and booster pumps to supply adequate fire water supply, and over 5 miles of miles of distribution and fill pipelines.  The improvement to the water system has occurred within the last 20 years.  The approximate value of the infrastructure improvements and facilities is over 2.25 million dollars.  Most of the improvements were financed through very low interest Public Works Board loans.   All of this infrastructure serves approximately 150 water connections.  The basis for the system development/connection charges is your “fair share” of the initial infrastructure installation of this utility system and the “potential impact” your connection will have on the water system.

What are the additional cost that must be paid when a larger meter is installed or there is a private fire system (automatic sprinkler equipment) on the premise?

Not only is there an increased system development fee, there is also an additional bi-monthly basic fixed charge for meters over ¾”.

If there is a private fire system (automatic sprinkler equipment) installed on the premise, then an additional bi-monthly basic charge must also be paid.  

These fees are sound under the JBWD Water Rates and Fees schedule.

When must the System Development Fee be paid?

The System Development Fees must be paid prior to the installation of the meter.  Where an install date for the meter will be established upon application, the installation work may be cancelled if the System Development Fees have not been received. The connection fee assessed is the fee at the time of payment, not the fee at the time of initial inquiry regarding a connection.


1. The above Connection Fees do not include any costs associated with construction or installation of the utility service that is beyond a normal meter installation. This must be arranged for and coordinated by the JBWD Board of Commissioners and property owner applying for service. Costs to install utilities may vary based on permit fees, job site conditions, and contractor fees.

2. The above Connection Fees do not include any Latecomer fees, if applicable.