Policy No. GP-5 Title: Board Governance Policies Category: Regulation an


5.1 Water Supply. The District will operate, maintain and improve components of the public water system which the District owns and will oversee operation of other components of the public water system which the District does not own, with the objective of providing a reliably safe, continuous and ample supply of water to its customers.

5.2 Interruption for Repairs or Improvements. Whenever necessary, the District may temporarily suspend delivery of water to one or more customers for the purpose of making repairs or improvements to the system. Every effort shall be made in the case of non-emergency repairs to notify affected customers well in advance of any planned interruption. Interruptions of service shall not relieve customers from charges for service actually supplied, including any minimum charge, which may apply.

5.3 Drought, Fire or Other Emergency. In case of drought, fire or other emergency, the Board, at its discretion, may impose such temporary or seasonal water use restrictions as it deems necessary and prudent in the circumstances, and in so doing may grant preference to those classes of service which it deems most essential to the public welfare. Said restrictions may include regulation of the hours and time for irrigation or other nonessential water use.

5.4 District Not Liable for Shortages, Interruptions or Surges. The District shall exercise reasonable diligence and care in regulating delivery of a safe, continuous and ample supply of water to customers, and further, to avoid shortages, interruptions, wide fluctuations in pressure and to minimize the presence of suspended particulate matter in the water. However, the District shall not be liable for said shortages, interruptions, pressure variations, or particulates, or for any injury, loss, or damage occasioned thereby, if same is due to causes or contingencies beyond the control of the District, including accidents, equipment failures, or acts of God. Customers shall hold the District harmless and indemnify the District against all claims and liability for injury to persons or damage to property when such damage or injury results from or is occasioned by the tap's service connection, unless said damage or injury is caused by the negligence or wrongful acts of a District agent or employee.

This policy has been adopted by the Juniper Beach Water District. This policy is official and in effect, as written, unless repealed or amended at a regularly scheduled or specially called meeting of the Board.

Adoption Date: November 12, 2009

Amended: June 20, 2019